A Rockstar/nanny romance

A Rockstar/Bully romance

I’m a cold soul.
The only thing that provides any warmth is my baby girl, and even she asks for a fire I can’t give.
When my daughter’s nanny quits on me, I’m left with consequences I can’t afford to face. Like how my kid isn’t adjusting as quick as the rest of her class.
And how quiet she is.
How lonely.
Then she steps in. A young, impulsive, small yet loud woman who thinks she can win my daughter’s heart.
Maybe she can, but she won’t get near mine.

To everyone else, I’m happy.
There's an emptiness within myself, a sadness I can’t get rid of, until I meet a little girl named Stella.
I see me in her, that hollowness, and I’m determined to make it different this time. To make her smiles count.
What I don’t expect is her father.
A callous, calculated, famous man who seduces the public with his voice, then goes on ice as soon as he steps into his private domain.
I think I see something in him, too. I hear it in his music, am mesmerized by his sound...
And I’m afraid I’ll walk straight over the edge, with him singing to me as I fall.

SING TO ME is the newly released first-in-series of Ketley's Rockers to Lovers collection. This novel contains steamy, angsty heart with an HEA. It can be read as a standalone.

King. Bully. Rebel Rocker.

That's how I knew him in high school.

And ten years later? Mason Payne is still the same.
The only thing that's changed ... is me.
And I'm not for the better.
In fact, I'm way worse than he can imagine.

It only makes him want me more.

Backstage with Him can be read as a standalone and has no cliffhanger.

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Available for purchase on



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