But whose love is twisted?

Fame has made me a wanted man.

I’ve been loved, coveted, and stalked by girls I know and some I’ll never meet. But none of that matters, because I have her. The one who’s stood by me, even when I was nothing. She’s mine: heart, body and soul.

I’m at the top of my game and doing what I love, both in bed and on the field. Which means, I’m not paying attention to anything else. Scandal is about to rock my world, cost me everything, and someone’s obsession will turn deadly. I’ll be ruined, but even worse…

I may lose my girl in more ways than one.

Start this steamy contemporary romance trilogy with a hint of suspense and a HEA today.

NOTE: The Snapped Trilogy was formally known as the Snapped Novella Series (no longer available for sale) and has been condensed into three gripping, sexy, wickedly hot books, containing love, murder, and good boys turning bad.

She’s forbidden fruit. 

I shouldn’t dream of her, never mind touch her the way I do when I should be tutoring her. But the way she looks at me, I know she thinks I’m just as off-limits. Her boyfriend ignores her, which gives me room to step in, but I’m not that kind of man.

Except, no matter how many times I tell myself it’s wrong, I move closer. And I must protect her, because there is someone in her life who wants to hurt her, even if she hasn’t realized it yet. 

If I don’t save her, no one else will. And I have to, because despite her fame, her morals, her untouchable skin…

I love her.

Two men love me, yet one has betrayed me.

I followed the first when he chased fame and fortune. I found the second during periods of loneliness and being forgotten. And I landed in murder when neither was watching.

Now, my freedom is on the line, and in order to gain my life back, I must discover the truth, before it’s too late and someone else dies. Because…

One of these men could be a killer. 

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