1. I’m obsessed with coconut oil. I put it in my skin, hair, my baby, use it for cooking, there really is no end in sight for this stuff.
      a) I am equally obsessed with white vinegar. Both for my floor AND my fries.

2. I free-write my first drafts, and rarely outline in the beginning. As result, some characters come as a surprise to me (like Derek in Dark Souls, Kai in Paper Dolls, and yep, Reagan in Snapped).

4. The three celebrities whose books AND personalities I love are Chrissy Teigen, Rachael Ray and Alessandra Torre.

5. I went to elementary/middle school in Canada, high school in Australia, college in Canada, gap year in California, and law school in New York City. In short, I’m Canadian!

6. I used to be a synchronized swimmer. For two years. When I was 12.

7. The storyline for my first ever novel, Dark Souls, had been in my head for years until I finally put pen to paper (i.e. fingers to keyboard). The first paragraph ever written was the dream sequence in Chapter 6. I wrote that when I was 14, and kept it with me ever since. I haven’t changed a word.

8. I rescued a kitten from a shelter after he was thrown out of a car and broke his leg, thinking he was a poor, neglected mixed breed. Turns out he’s a purebred diva. I love him to pieces.

9. When I was 11, I really wanted to grow up to be Sailor Moon. Unfortunately for me, that wasn’t possible (for obvious reasons), but it was then I was able to figure out a way to fall into those worlds and experience them like they were my own: Writing.

10. I’m the only left-handed person in my family. (As my dad once said to me when I was making dinner, “I’m not sure if I want left handed mashed potatoes…” Don’t worry, he loves me).

10 things you didn't know about ketley


Photo by  @andrealinnphotography

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