She Holds the Secret.
He has the sin.

Do you want to know our secret?

wait for your invitation. 

We come from high society, but the grooming process starts in high school.
And we always recruit in the dark.
As a result, our messes are rarely clean and never brought to light.
Money's not an issue, and usually, neither are our members.
Until one decides to betray us.
Let this be a lesson to our initiates: Never choose love over loyalty.
And a word to Chase Stone, Briarcliff’s most sought after student—if you tell the new girl we exist, it won't just be you that pays the price.

Well, crap.

RIVAL is the first full-length novel in the Briarcliff Society Series and contains enemies-to-lovers, bullying, and other mature themes (but is not a dark romance). Recommended for readers 17 and over. It is NOT a standalone and ends on a cliffhanger with a happy-for-now (but a happily ever after will happen … in the end.)

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Available OCTOBER 1st, 2020

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