so sweet.
so innocent.
so mine.

The greatest mistake Ember Beckett ever made was coming to my school.

I mark her as mine the instant the rumors start. It's only natural I become curious over the new girl. But it’s not to protect her. No, I have to punish her for being here, wrap fear around her neck until she runs, and smile while I chase her down.

She took someone's position in this academy. Someone important to me. And now, she has to pay.

The only way for her to survive is to find out what dirty little secrets I keep to myself. To do that, she must follow me into the darker corners of the building, the place where they make college hazings look like child’s play.

I watch the pleasure spark in her eyes as she does it. The desire to participate in my ... proclivities.

What makes her most ashamed is, she likes watching me.

If she's not careful, I might capitalize on that curiosity, and I'll squeeze her heart until it bleeds.

THORNE is a dark high school senior romance containing mature themes such as bullying, enemies-to-lovers, and intense, potentially triggering, situations meant for 17+. It ends on a cliffhanger.



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