no matter how sweet a person is, fate can still be A cruel Alphahole. 

scarlet's changed, but so has

He's a poker king, a mafia prince, and royalty to women. A deliberate loner, he gives you his body, but never his heart. Women find both his eyes and their sheets cold the next day.

I’m hired as his new cocktail waitress, and my own losses allow me to see the real pain behind his sins. He’s not what he appears to be, but fixing him isn’t possible.

I should listen to my past and stay away. Instead, he lures me into his underworld where vice and fortune thrive. He’s a wickedly hot, illegal addiction. Dangerous. Seductive. Forbidden. 

I’m not just betting my heart on him. I’m wagering my life.

Theo Saxon left me two years ago, and I was supposed to forget him. Hell, I’m pissed enough to kill him. He’s my ex, heir to the mafia throne, wanted by the FBI, and currently on the run. 

But Theo has an offer I can’t refuse. He wants revenge against his brother—the man who almost killed me and ruined Theo’s life. But there’s a catch: in following him, I’m teaming up with someone who obliterated my heart. 

I can’t fall back in love with him. 

If I do, I’ll come up against an impossible choice, because what Theo doesn’t know is that, in dealing with the devil, I’ve put a price on my soul.

And I can only make one of these brothers pay.

Jaded Princess is the stunning conclusion to the Corrupt Empire Duet.

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