Put your trust in Charlie and Slade (or Nate?)

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snapped series

Bet your heart on Scarlet and Theo

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paper dolls duet

Breathe deep with Emily and Asher

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dark souls series

Find true love again with Emme and Spencer

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to have and to hold

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The heartwarming yet gripping prequel to To Have and to Hold, unlock the mystery of Emme and Spencer's relationship and find the clues both to Emme's heartbreak and Spencer's past.

“I’m a cocktail waitress, an amateur poker player and a college dropout. I’m not a drug runner, I’m not a cop, I’m not qualified to do shit. I can’t be responsible for taking out a mafia kingpin!”

Spence was my first love, my only free fall, my terrible heartache. We aren’t the same; we never were. I hoped, but hope is nothing but a hellbent dream. I made it two years without him, I could make it forever more.
Then I was kidnapped.

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