in no life plan did i think i'd raise a daughter.

Screw the facts. 

I never said the hot guy I met
was nice. 


My best friend died tonight and her baby girl might be taken away from me, too, if I don’t find Lily’s father before she’s ripped out of my life for good.

Unfortunately, I know who he is. He’s my best friend’s ex, and I hate him in memory and on sight.

I love this baby, but I don’t love him. Even if he does whatever it takes to make me trust him, and it seems he’s determined to do exactly that.

There’s just so little of my heart left, and I can’t—won’t—reserve any of it for that bastard, Lachlan Hayes.


I didn't grow into adulthood as a screw-up, but turns out I'm settling into it just fine. 

A pro-football prodigy, success was laid out in golden dollar signs—until an injury so cringe-worthy it went viral laid me out for good.

Since then, I’ve discovered booze and sex, and I get both whenever I want.

Until a girl shows up at my literal doorstep, telling me about a baby I never knew I had.

As she looks at me with tears her eyes, I have a sick feeling my world is about to spin out again.

I’m in deep sh*t, because in no life plan did I think I’d raise a daughter, and I sure as hell didn’t think I’d fall in love with the woman that comes with her.

TRUSTING YOU is the first in Ketley Allison's brand new Players to Lovers series, but can be read as a standalone. It's an angsty, slow burn, steamy, enemies-to-lovers romance with no cliffhanger, that is sure to make you fall hard for each and every man in the series, since they can't stop their damaged hearts from falling, too. 

Fact #1: I called off my engagement to an a-hole.
Fact #2: I probably shouldn’t hook up with my brother’s best friend in order to "heal."
Fact #3: I already have. A few times.
F—Screw the facts.


I came to New York to forget him.
But whether it was coincidence, bad luck, or fate being a cruel bitch, he came here, too.
Ben Donahue is a no good, annoying, hot-headed jerk I can’t seem to shake.
He’s also my brother’s best friend.
But I’m in the middle of the biggest case of my career. I don’t have time for Ben, and I don’t need him ruining my life...again.
Unfortunately, my heart would rather be the one to ruin me this time.


She thinks I only had her because of a dare in college. She couldn’t be more wrong.
Astor Hayes is forbidden to me. She’s my best friend’s twin sister, and I have a past to hide.
In the worst kind of way, I’m forced to enter Astor’s life again, and I let her hate me as I do it. Allow her to think I don’t want her.
It’s better than Astor knowing the truth behind why I left her that night.
Because If she ever figures it out, it won’t just be our hearts that are shattered.

DARING YOU is a slow burn, steamy, second chance, enemies-to-lovers romance with no cliffhanger. You do not have to read TRUSTING YOU first in order to enjoy DARING YOU.


After I witnessed what my best friend went through, I swore it would never happen to me.
But that's when it happens, doesn't it? You get drunk, meet a hot guy with so many tattoos you wonder where the rest are, and sleep with him, hard. Multiple times in one night.
Suddenly, that sworn oath turns into a curse word.
I'm pregnant.
And I never said the hot guy I met was nice.


I'm nobody's fool.
I'm rich, I'm hot as hell, and women sleep with me for both.
It's not like I mind, since we both get something out of it. One thing they'll never touch, though, is my checkbook.
I may have a ton of wealth, but I don't have a lot of trust.
Then I meet Sophie.
She's spunky. Blond. Loves whiskey and my tats.
Next thing we do, is make it to my bed, and we don't get out of it until I'm sure she's satisfied.
I might've done a bit more than that, though.
This hot piece just told me she's knocked up with my baby.

CRAVING YOU is a steamy, angsty, enemies-to-lovers, and can be read as a standalone. It is Book 3 in the Players to Lovers Series, where each novel is about a different couple.





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I’m great at hiding.
My past, my secrets, my family.
But now I’ve met a man who threatens to expose me.
He was meant to be a client, but it turns out, rock stars don’t do well with instructions.
I’m tempted, turned on, and scared.
There’s no room in my life for a brooding, hung over, injured drummer.
But he’s not letting me hide.


I’m a fake.
No one knows the truth, and I’m going to keep it that way.
That is, if I can stop finding trouble.
A gorgeous lawyer threatens to save me, but I’m not sure she understands.
I’m meant to be broken.
Doesn’t matter how much I’m drawn to her face, body and mind.
The less I say, the better.
Because she’s about to show what part of me’s still real.

PLAYING YOU is a steamy, slow burn, friends-to-lovers, rockstar romance that can be read as a standalone with a HEA. Each book in the Players to Lovers series is about a different couple. This series is complete!

He's meant to stay broken.

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