you are mine.

He's the college bad boy with the sexy smile and shady past.

I never thought I'd see Emme again after I broke her heart, but her kidnapper had other plans.

Emme's presence was a life-changer. Irresistible, beguiling and innocent, I knew I was a goner the instant she walked into the classroom late and all eyes turned to her.

We came together like a fireball, and with just as brutal an explosion, we ended. Two years later, I've made my career the priority. I still remember her, but can't dwell on her or her body for too long.

If I'd known what was crawling along the edges of her life, I would have stayed and withstood the burn. Protected her. Because this kidnapping might not be so random.

The love of my life has been abducted, and as a young prosecutor, there's only so much I can do under the law...

So I'll break the rules. For her.

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD is Ketley Allison's stunning new novel that combines the heartwarming chance of finding lost love with the terrifying concept of being taken against your will. This thriller will heat you all the way through, then chill you to the bone. Grab it today.

This book can be read as a standalone but is best enjoyed with its prequel, FROM THIS DAY FORWARD, which can be read before or after TO HAVE AND TO HOLD, available now.

The sarcastic guy three seats and two rows in front of me who's actually smart. A Mr. Know-it-All who quirks his lips like he's already had me.

Spending time with Spencer Rolfe is a bad idea. But when he offers to tutor me, I can't say no. My GPA's tanking and he's the smartest guy around. It's just a matter of avoiding his tutorials in bed. But the more I get to know Spence, the more I come to count on him, especially when the strange notes show up, and my unshakeable feeling of being watched.

When we first met, I thought I'd be the only person who could get hurt. But Spence might be the one walking away with serious injuries. As much as he wants me, so does somebody else, and all it will take is one mistake.

And he'll strike at the chance.

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