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you are mine.

Spence was my first love, my only free fall, my terrible heartache.

Me: shy, quiet, nervous. 

Him: outgoing, intimidating, and wild, all the things I wasn’t.

Yet we collided, smoke turning to stardust changed to flesh.

Such catastrophic connection couldn’t last. We split apart—not separated, because that word is so gentle and we cracked in half—and I haven’t seen him in two and a half years.

We aren’t the same; we never were. I hoped, but hope is nothing but a hellbent dream. I made it two years without him, I could make it forever more.

I became, in one word, happy.

And then I was kidnapped. me...

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD is Ketley's stunning new novel that combines the heartwarming chance at finding lost love with the terrifying concept of being taken against your will. This thriller will heat you all the way through, then chill you to the bone.

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