But whose love is Wicked?

Charlotte wants to master the rule of law. Instead, she learns the art of murder.

Law school becomes an option when her football prodigy boyfriend, Slade, is drafted into the NFL. Her career is destined to be overshadowed by his dreams--that is, until someone she loves is killed and all eyes turn to her.

She shouldn't be surprised. The lies about Slade are getting out of control. All the new people entering their lives, not all of them come with good intentions.

Before the murder, Charlotte had five friends and a man she adored. Now, she's faced with a killer and four people she can't trust. 

Is Slade meant to be the man of her dreams? Or is it all a carefully crafted lie?

Oh, this wicked game we play...

WICKED GAME is a gripping sports romance whodunit. If you like gut-punching twists and sizzling romance, you'll love this captivating mystery.

This was previously published as the Snapped Novella Series. Now, it is available as a complete standalone.

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